Hi, my name is Zach Cantwell.

I was born in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador on May 12th,1983. I grew up on The Rock - It's where I cut my teeth, so to speak. 

I graduated from Booth Memorial High School June 2001, finishing with honors. I then went on to higher education - receiving a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Psychology and a minor in English April 2005.

I then forged a path into the adult world - taking a job at Canada Revenue Agency. After five tax seasons, I decided I needed a change.  I needed to do something creative. After some soul searching, I decided on a Game Development program at Algonquin College. I moved to Ottawa, Ontario and began the program September 2013. During the next three years, I found myself excelling in Digital Art and Game Design and found myself applying those skills to an indie game called Astro Deathshow.

The program - and development cycle of Astro Deathshow - concluded April 2015. I quickly (and luckily) found employment with a company called Fire Rabbit; I worked diligently with the company and produced 3 games in three months - 'Fix My Car: Muscle Restoration' 'Fix My Car: Weekend Warrior' and 'Fix My Car: Spy Fi.' 

My run with Fire Rabbit will come to a close September 2015. Then, another chapter of my life will begin. Will where it lead me? I dont know. But I'm anxious to find out.